Study MBBS From Abroad – Admission Process, Advantages & Benefits

Medical services in India has been under severe strain as the country facing acute shortage of medical personals. To face such hurdle MBBS in Abroad comes handy. It is said that about 5000 students from India opt to study medicine locations abroad. This trend, though, has a long history, it is in recent times, since the post-liberalization era, the country witnessed an increase in the flight of students go abroad to study medicine. This trend has both positive and negative aspects of its endeavour. As the country needs quality medical solutions at an affordable cost, it is argued that MBBS from Abroad should have their due recognition. At present, it is under regulations and students are affected with ill-informed and under advised voyages to acquire a medical degree. There are voices to recognize those degrees with rigorous parameters and both central and state governments along with respective bodies, are demanded to look into the issue immediately.

Is it Good, MBBS From Abroad for Indian Students

Dropping into an alien location is like a fantasy. For any urban youths who are exposed to foreign practices are lucky enough to adapt to their environment. However, not all the students; rural inhabitants and students who don’t have any relatives or friends who fly away to foreign educational institutions have to consider several things before doing so. As far as it is considered for medical students, they have to learn the local language of their destination. It is to treat the patients of the place. It is one of the good things to learn a foreign language. Secondly, their exposure to culture is an additional advantage. Thirdly the cost for such foreign studies has a cost advantage. Students and parents prefer any such destination where they find to spend a few lakhs INRs instead of Crores in India to receive a medical degree. Doing specialization is separate. But abroad, students sometimes do integrated courses as well.

Is it Good, MBBS From Abroad for Indian Students

These same advantageous have negative aspects also apart from recognition issues in India. For many youngsters learning or acquiring a foreign language in a short period might end with difficulty. Culture and food practices should be encouraging. Climate is another issue that may hinder one’s ambition. As most of the foreign institutions select students through agencies, students are exposed to several risks.

MCI Recognized Medical Institutions in Abroad

The MCI has so far recognized around 400 medical institutions across the world apart from China and other countries. Chinese medical universities are said to be on top for providing medical education at an affordable rate. The MCI has cautioned the public that studying at unrecognized medical institutions is their own risk. Even after passing the eligibility recognition test, those studied at unrecognized institutions could not get employed in India. Even students cleared their courses in recognized institutions should undergo screening test after their return to India for practising. The statistical data for such degree holders by country wise is showing dismal figures as just as 20% of students have cleared the MCI screening test. This has to be taken into consideration before leaving for abroad.

MBBS In Abroad at Low Fee Structure For Indian Students

MBBS In Abroad at Low Fee Structure For Indian Students

Affordability of the cost is the prime reason factor in determining the foreign institution. However, other factors such as language, future opportunities and quality of education are also taken into account. Across the globe, both developing and developed worlds offer medical education in their respective countries. Invariably the US has the highest cost for medical education, where it will reach up to Rs 4-5 crores. Similarly, the UK also has a high cost of living and tuition fees. An only developed country that gives free education in Germany, where a medical student may spend fewer than 15 lakhs for acquiring a degree. Future opportunities are also plenty. For other countries like China, Bangladesh and the Philippines, the cost ranges from 15-40 lakhs. But Chinese and Bangladesh education considered as low quality in many regards and even after passing the Screening Test, students experience in finding jobs in India. Russia, Ukraine and Nepal are the other destinations which are favourable to Indian students.

Best Universities for MBBS in Abroad

Without any surprise, top medical institutions are from developed world where US, UK and Europe dominate the list. Under cost-wise China, which is a favourite for Indian students, has around 15 institutions ranked under global best list. Institutions from Japan, South Korea, Thailand and Malaysia are also found their place. Indonesia and the Philippines are just entrants in the list.

Eligibility to Get Admitted into Medical Colleges in Abroad

In most of the developed countries, institutions require reference letters, Minimum of 6.0 in IELTS or any other relevant language proficiency tests in their respective countries are the main criteria before applying for such courses. Having proof for enough funding is also required. High marks in PCB subjects is an encouraging factor in admissions.

Advantageous of MBBS in Abroad

There are several advantages in studying medicine in foreign locations. They are as follows:-

  1. Learning Advanced Technologies

A significant advantage in studying medicine in a foreign location in particularly in a developed economy is learning advanced technologies and updated with such a kind of improvements in treatment and post-surgical patient care etc. The arrival of the advanced technologies to India takes time, though the global market is fast in such measures.

  1. Better placements

Placement is a crucial aspect in the education of medicine. In India, though the Private sector offers placements to talented medicos, public sector is yet to pick up speed. In foreign locations, job opportunities are widespread as the market is widely integrated.

  1. Long term career options

Settling down in a foreign location is an ideal ambition for any educated foreign Indians. Institutions abroad play a crucial role in offering such chances. Youth below 30 years of age has an ample chance to change their place of work while provided with an environment of speedier growth in career.

  1. Personal and Social goals become reality

Naturally working in a foreign land increases the chance of enhancing their income, thereby leading a higher lifestyle in both abroad and domestic places. Chances for building a network among repatriates and expanding their profession would be a life chance for them.

Disadvantageous of Medical Education in Abroad

Of course, no wealth is earned without difficulties. Medical education is too considered a wealth is yielding profession along with high social honour. The disadvantageous of foreign medical education are as below:-

  1. Expensive Education

Acquiring a foreign medical degree from a reputed institution is highly expensive, where wealthy families are only eligible to dream about it. Spending a few lakhs in lesser ranked institutions are also expensive in terms of low return of revenue while practising in India. Hence unless placed in a foreign medical institution, the money spent would be a Non-Performing Asset.

  1. Language and other constraints

The language would be a significant impediment in reaching out to the last person in a foreign location. So your social mobility is restricted along with other social factors like “alien” tags. Certainly, a foreigner would not be enjoying the same level of freedom as the local. Diversions are plenty in abroad, unlike in India during education. At present racist attitudes are spreading like an epidemic, and a lot of Indians have become victims of such violence.

  1. Lack of communication and connectivity

At several foreign destinations maintaining communication with household pals would be difficult, especially in rural areas. Connectivity to their home place is also a concern in case of an emergency as logistics support are few and expensive. This may impact negatively as the student may feel alone because of a stranger in the new place. This may affect their study, as well.

Eligibility for Scholarships For MBBS in Abroad

Getting scholarships for medical education in a foreign institution is a very difficult one. One has to pass several layers to reach the target. Few institutions would offer scholarships for an international student is another hindrance.

Importance of MCI Recognition

As told earlier, the MCI which governs the Indian Medical field has recognized a few hundred institutions abroad for pursuing medical education. Even after passing there, Indian students are asked to appear for a Screening Test to make them available for work/self- practising. Getting a medical degree from other institutions are considered invalid and no further scope in terms of placement in India.

Benefits of Studying Medicine in Abroad

A prime benefit needs not to contest for a few medical seats available in India. The cost per a medical seat in private medical colleges crosses over Rs 1 crore. For a similar amount, one could finish a post-graduation in Medicine in abroad. This cost and less seat availability push students towards foreign locations. Secondly exposed with a foreign land and their language and culture at a young age would enrich your outside world view. Thirdly connecting with other repatriates increases chances for future professional life. Gaining access with experts of the land in the medical field is another benefit to studying in abroad. Above all, you can compare the possibility of earnings between India and other countries.

Chances to prove a person’s capabilities is important for his/her professional life. Now the Indian government has asked the foreign MBBS aspirant to appear for NEET exams. This is also to passing Screening Test after passing medicine studies at abroad. Moreover, there is no regularized pay-scale for a foreign medical returnee as the knowledge they acquired, especially from Chinese and other countries are under questionable terms. According to a few media reports, the medical staffs who acquired a medical degree in foreign locations have expressed their woes in many ways. They are treated at par with Indian medical staffs and asked to play an assistant role. This may not be the case of students who belong to leading western institutions who may easily get recognized and paid more than native medicos! This contradiction has to be addressed according to the MBBS in Abroad.


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