MBBS in Poland – Eligibility Criteria, Admission Process at Lowest Package

Receiving quality education is something that is of utmost importance to any individual. Many students in India wish to study medicine after their higher secondary school education. But, due to the limited number of seats, most students end up not being able to pursue a career in medicine. Private medical colleges charge exorbitant fees and donations for one seat. The total amount of money required often ends up shooting up to a crore of rupees. 

But, the students have to be aware that there are several other alternatives available to them. These alternatives include receiving MBBS education from countries like Poland. Poland offers attractive facilities to Indian students, and the main advantage lies in the fact that total fees that will be required to study in colleges in these countries are about 30-40% of what a student will have to pay for a similar seat in a private college in India.



Best Medical Colleges to Study MBBS in Poland at Lowest Package

Poland is one of the most attractive options for MBBS aspirants in India. Most students cannot afford medical education in developed countries like the United Kingdom or the United States of America. Poland is a country known for its picturesque landscapes. The country actively contributes to the world economy.

The country’s government has ensured that medical education is of the best quality. The system is also very robust. The students are not expected to appear for any entrance tests to seek admission in colleges in Poland.

The fee that the students will be required to pay is about quarter the fees that they will have to pay in an Indian private college. This proves to be affordable for many Indian students from different walks of life. In addition to this, professors in Polish universities are highly educated and talented folks from different parts of the world. 


MBBS from Poland: Eligibility Criteria for Indian Students

The eligibility criteria for students from India to study in Poland are listed below :

  1. Age – The student is supposed to be 17 years old by December 31st of the year of application. He/she should not be over 25 years of age. 
  2. Academic requirements – The student is required to have scored at least sixty per cent of the total marks in class 12th or its equivalent. The student should have compulsorily studied Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English.
  3. The student should be NEET qualified. 
  4. The student should hold a valid passport. 

Documents Required for MBBS in Poland 2019

There are certain documents that the students are expected to furnish to be eligible for admission in Chinese medical colleges. They include :

  1. Academic documents – Mark sheets of class 10, Mark sheets of class 12
  2. Copies of a valid passport
  3. Medical fitness certificates
  4. Proof of no criminal records
  5. Duly filled application forms
  6. Birth certificate


Why is Studying MBBS in Poland a Good Decision?

MBBS course in Poland is a six-year-long course including one year of internship. The courses in Poland are taught in English, although it is good to know Polish.

The climate is pleasant and mostly cold.

MCI approved medical colleges offer MBBS courses. The students graduating with an MBBS degree from these colleges can write the MCI exam and practice in India. 

The degree obtained is recognised worldwide and the education offered is of great quality.


Few Challenges faced in MBBS in Poland

The major challenge associated with education in Poland is because of the language. Polish is the most widely spoken language, although courses are taught in English. So, a few initial months may be difficult for the students.

In many cases, students are tricked by agents into joining below average colleges. Therefore, it is important to check the rankings of the colleges before paying the fees.


Facilities provided to Indian Students in Poland

Polish government offers healthcare facilities to Indian students under the National Health Fund. 

The universities in Poland offer in-house accommodation to international students, making their stay hassle-free and economical.

Polish universities expect the students to undergo practical training after the completion of every academic year. The Indian students can choose to do them in India during their summer vacations.


Course Duration of MBBS in Poland

The duration of MBBS course in Poland is usually six years, including one year of internship. The medium of instruction is English, and after the completion of every academic year, the students are expected to undergo practical training.


MBBS Fee Structure for Studying in Poland

The total tuition fees can range between ten and fifteen lakh rupees depending on the college. 

The student will have to pay for his/her accommodation, local commutation, food and other expenses and these may sum up to around 20000 rupees per month. 


Advantages of Studying MBBS Course in Poland for Indian Students

There are several advantages to studying MBBS in Polish colleges. They are :


  1. The tuition fees are not much as most of the courses and colleges are government approved.
  2. Poland is possibly one of the cheapest European countries.
  3. There is no language proficiency test that the students are expected to take. 
  4. The degree obtained is recognised all over the world. 
  5. MCI, WHO etc recognise the colleges.
  6. Internships in world-class hospitals and health centres are provided to students.
  7. Scholarships are available for meritorious students.


Disadvantages of Studying MBBS Course in Poland

Although Poland proves to be a very cost-effective option for studying MBBS at, there are several disadvantages associated with studying in this country. They are :

  1. The professors might not be very good at English and what they speak may not always be understood clearly.
  2. Training sessions are carried out on dummies and not on dead bodies, like in India.
  3. Students are not allowed to touch the patients but only observe.


Job Opportunities in India after MBBS from Poland

Indian students graduating from Polish colleges with an MBBS degree can practice in India after clearing the MCI Screening test that is conducted twice a year. Clearing this exam makes them eligible to work as doctors in Indian hospitals and clinics. They can also establish their clinics.

The students can also avail scholarships and stipends for doing MD courses in India after completing MBBS from Polish colleges. 

They can also take up research jobs in research organisations, run by both private and government organisations.




1) What is the Total Cost of MBBS in Poland?

MBBS course in Poland is more affordable than MBBS in many European countries. The total cost may sum up to anything between sixty and seventy lakh rupees for six years. 


2) Does Indian Student Require Passport & Visa to study in Poland?

Yes, an Indian student requires a passport and visa to study in Poland. For the visa, a student is expected to have a valid passport and a couple of photographs along with a duly filled application form. There are other documents required to apply for a student visa.


3) What is the List of MCI Approved Medical Colleges in Poland?

There are several MCI approved medical colleges in countries like Poland, Ukraine, etc. The ones in Poland are listed below:

Collegium Medicum Jagiellonian University, Krakow

Karol Marcinkowski Medical University, Poznan

The Medical University of Gdansk, Republic of Poland

Medical University of Lodz

Medical University of Lublin

Nicolaus Copernicus University

The Medical University of Silesia, Katowice

The Silesian Piasts Medical University of Wroclaw

University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn, Poland

Warsaw Medical Academy


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